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  • .com $ 11,99 /Year $ 15
  • .net $ 12,99 /Year$ 15
  • .org $ 14,99 /Year$ 20
  • .biz $ 14,99 /Year$ 20
  • .info $ 14,99 /Year$ 20

Domain Pricing

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Domain Register Renew Transfer Minimum Register
.com Discount $11,99 $15 $11,99 $11,99 1 year
.net $12,99 $15 $12,99 $12,99 1 year
.org $14,99 $20 $14,99 $14,99 1 year
.biz $14,99 $20 $14,99 $14,99 1 year
.info $14,99 $20 $14,99 $14,99 1 year
.xyz $12,99 $15 $12,99 $12,99 1 year
.ist $59,00 $59,00 $59,00 1 year
.istanbul $49,00 $49,00 $49,00 1 year $35,00 $35,00 $35,00 1 year $25,00 $25,00 $25,00 1 year $16,00 $16,00 $16,00 1 year $25,00 $25,00 $25,00 1 year $16,00 $16,00 $16,00 1 year

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions Regarding Domain Name Registration, Transfer Procedures

The most common domain name extensions used in the world are com, clear, and org. However, registering only the .com extension for the domain name you wish to register may create a situation that may be inconvenient for your brand or website in the future. Anyone else can register and use extensions that you do not register, even if this is not intentional, it can be uncomfortable for your brand.

Before you can own a website, you must first register a domain name. You can think of the Domain Name Registration process as a trademarked service. The registration service ensures that the domain name for which you have acquired the rights for a particular period of time is registered and not used by different persons during the period of use.

Yes, you can perform all the operations related to domain services using the management system at

After the domain name registration service ends, some domain names then enter the Grace Renew Period. During this time you can renew your domain names with the current renewal fee. For some extensions, these times are given below.

  • .COM 40 Days
  • .NET 40 Days
  • .ORG 40 Days
  • .BIZ 40 Days
  • .INFO 15 Days

Anonymous access is turned on by default for Whois information. With your domain you can hide your credentials when your domain name is queried. This service is charged at $15 per year.

Yes, this service is provided free of charge.

Yes you can create a Name Server for your domain name for free. You can change the IP information of the Name Servers that you create, and you can delete your Name Servers. This service is free

After the date of registration of your domain name ends, it enters the renewal and recovery period respectively. If you have not made any renewal / rescue for your domain in these periods, your rights over the domain name will be lost and can be registered by your 3rd domain name. The recovery price for your domain name in the Back-up Recovery Period can vary between $150 - $200.

Domain transfer or Domain Transfer is the process of transferring the domain registration service of another registration company to another company. Once the transfer is complete, you can now manage your domain name with your new registrar.

No No additional fee is charged for transfer, but an additional 1 year renewal will occur for the domain name during the transfer, that is, the registration date of the domain name will be extended for another year, so a renewal fee of 1 year will be charged during the transfer. No other fees will be charged.

The Internet Assigned Numbers and Names Authority (ICANN) is responsible for internationally-organized Internet Protocol (IP) address space assignment, protocol identifier assignment, generic (gTLD) and country code (ccTLD) top-level domain name management and root server system management functions. Profit is not an intentional institution. These services were first performed by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) and other agencies under a contract with the US government. Today ICANN is performing the function of IANA. As a public-private partnership, ICANN is working to protect the work stability of the Internet, support competition, provide a wider representation of global Internet communities, and develop appropriate policies for reconciliation based and consensual processes.

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